MUMS' Haven

Care Schedule

Care Schedule

Our antenatal care program is designed so that every expecting mother can feel heard, respected and appreciated. Women in our clinic are treated with love and respect. For us, the relationship with our clients is more than just healthcare. We see each woman as a unique person, with opinions, desires, fears and questions.

We work to create a relaxing environment, where mothers feel able to express themselves. Our hope is to be able to empower women with the information they need to make good decisions for themselves and for their babies. The Mums' Haven team works to provide you with the best care possible.

Each appointment is a full 30 minutes with the doctor and student midwife to discuss your pregnancy and answer any questions that you may have. Each visit includes: blood pressure reading, weight, abdominal examination and checking the fetal heart rate. Some visits also include an ultrasound.

Antenatal care schedule:

  • A visit every 4 weeks, between weeks 4 and 28 in the pregnancy.
  • A visit every 2 weeks, between weeks 28 and 36 in the pregnancy.
  • A visit every week, between weeks 36 and 42 in the pregnancy (or until you give birth).