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Trauma Consultations

Trauma Consultations

Consult visits are designed for survivors of sexual, physical and emotional abuse - or for survivors of previous birth trauma. Pregnancy and birth involve aspects of transition, change and the unknown - and can sometimes also include trauma reminders for survivors of previous trauma. We desires each pregnancy and birthing experience to be as free and joyful as possible, particularly for survivors, and provide these consultations to help women become more empowered and healed in and through their pregnancies, births, and early parenthood.

What are trauma consultations like?

Consults begin by discussing the 27 most common situations in maternity care which may cause anxiety or unwelcome memories or body responses, and then help you brainstorm plans to either successfully cope with these situations or avoid them completely.

You then receive help creating a plan for how to help your birthing space feel free and protected, so that you can birth without fear.

Consults are done in 2 separate sessions (about 2 hours each), and you will be provided with a written document of your personalized plan for coping with previous trauma during labor, birth and postpartum.

These consults are done at Mums' Haven through Desert Blooms, LLC (owned by Jessi Vining, student midwife). currently only offered in English with Arabic translation. They are only scheduled during times when clinic is not actively running for maximum privacy.