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Birth Stories

You are unique, so is your story. If you are a woman who gave birth naturally or through water birth you are more than welcome to tell us how you trusted your body and overcame your fears.
Your story can inspire other women to be strong and to be confident in their ability to give birth naturally.
Please send your stories via email to Dr.Hanaa, and entitle it: My birth story
img Nur FidaChina
I thank God for Dr. Hana Kassem, my doula, my husband, my mother in law and my friends being there for me at a most difficult, precious, and critical time in my life, the birth of my first child. They made my child labour and birthing experience extra special. Along with the natural pain relief techniques used by my OB and my Doula, and the freedom of movement. I walked, did squats, played with gym ball which helped me manage my contractions and the pain very well. Once I entered in the birth pool, the pain was gone! It was like magic. It's still an unforgettable moment. The delivery was smooth and calm. My OB and doula never left my side, they reassured and guided me throughout labour, it was amazing. What an experience for a mother to be with her child. Now to share in this, I can't tell you how appreciative I am!

.... My advice to all my friends and to everyone, if you can, get a doula (trust me, you have no idea how helpful a doula can be) and choose Dr Hanaa :)
img ShakilaPakistan
Childbirth is always challenging. It is no small thing to bring a new soul into the world, no small thing to suffer so that another may have life. But birth is not meant to be unbearable. We are not meant to suffer so completely that the experience leaves us feeling less of a woman, instead of more. Natural birth has always allowed for a woman to keep her power and her strength for the birth.

Water birth allows much more. It allows less pain and less suffering, and nurtures one's belief in oneself. Knowing all of this, having experienced it for myself, what I still can't understand is:

"Why not have a water birth?"
It is the best choice for all women and I'll definitely choose natural birth for my future babies?
img ShaimaaAfrica
Birth under water was a great experience and allowed me the freedom to move during childbirth within the warm water without feeling tired and sweating like what happens in normal birth and there was lighter pain. My baby was safely born and in good health and my husband was beside me during childbirth which was very important to me cause I needed his support in the birth of his child.
And the freedom to choose any person close to you from your family members or close friends in your birth is not common here in Egypt.

There is nothing to worry about with Water birth, in my giving birth I did not receive any injections or anaesthesia or even glucose, everything was very natural and safe, I gave birth in a very wonderful hospital and with the help of a midwife and I am a very happy mom and if I get pregnant again I will use Water birth.
img MaiEgypt
Dr. Hanaa since I knew that I am pregnant, I started to ask whether I will deliver my baby naturally or by c-section. Honestly I was afraid of both because I had heard a lot about the pain that happens not only during the operation itself but also after it in addition to large amount of analgesics that should be taken to cover that pain, but is it safe for my baby!? I asked and was not sure of the answer. Then by chance, a good one, I read about WaterBirth on a facebook page. From the first glance I knew that I will do it although I had a lot of inquiries about this new method of delivery, not for me only! I went directly to the specialist who made these operations, Dr. Hanaa Abo Alkasem. After my first meeting with her, I said to myself, oushh what story am I gonna live :D Here I have to say that, ignorance equals fear. Because my fear from natural birth was due to my lack of information about it. And this was the first advice given to me by Dr. Hanaa, to read more and to attend classes about natural birth. Was a long journey that made me meet a beautiful girl called Enas, who was my DOULA :), I was taught how to prepare my body and my soul for such event, how to deal with the pain when my labor starts, how to push my baby :) and also how to love him :) And here it comes the day I waited so long, through long hours of labor, I was surrounded by a highly professional team, included my doctor, doula, and nursing team. My labor lasted almost 40 hours, although I remember how painful they were, I also remember how blissful and joyful they were. I remember the photos that were taken by my husband :), the large amounts of dates I ate :), the patience and care of my medical team. Here comes the role of the pool, that magical tool which could quicken my labor to end this long journey, it was really funny when I entered inside it and felt some sort of relief that followed by pushing period. To summarize, I lived a painful but much more joyful delivery. It was so challenging to me and I wanted to quit so many times and just have anesthetic injection and go to a c section. But thank Allah that I didn't because I watched my baby emerge from me, hugged her between my arms and that moment really erased all pain. Pregnancy, Pain, Labor, Delivery, all these stages are just a blessing from Allah. Allah wanted to create a magical bond between the mother and her fetus, so stop exchanging that with just a surgical operation and enjoy the gift given to you by Allah, Enjoy being a FEMALE.
img Stefanie
I learned at about 32 weeks my baby was in a� breech position but I didn't worry because she had plenty of time to flip and I was excited to do a natural birth. As the weeks kept progressing she still wasn't flipping. I did all sorts of stretches that were recommended by Dr Hanaa but this baby was just not flipping! We ended up having to schedule a C-section for just over 39 weeks.
I was very disappointed about needing to have a C-section. I was so excited for the natural birth after the birthing course with my doula Nadia but I knew it was the best thing for my baby and I. Dr. Hanaa was so helpful in the process and listened to all of our requests. It ended up being a wonderful experience and an amazing way to meet our baby girl!

Dr. Hanaa carefully went through all of the options with me the week before the surgery. She explained every step so I knew what to expect. I chose a spinal block so I could be awake during the procedure. On the day of the surgery my husband was in the room with me. He supported me and was able to meet our daughter once she was born! Once our daughter was born I immediately got to hold and kiss her while in the operating room.
They even delayed cord clamping which had not been done before during a C-section here but Dr. Hanaa knew how important it was to me. The doctors also explained everything to me as it was happening which I appreciated. When my husband left the room to go with our daughter briefly to the nursery Dr. Hanaa was supportive and talked to me the whole time he was gone.
My husband then returned and I was able to hold our daughter again in the operating room and in the recovery room. I was so thankful I was able to immediately bond with my daughter and then start nursing once we were in our room. The birth of my daughter was different than what I originally expected but we were both healthy and that was the most important thing. I am so thankful for the beautiful experience of bringing our daughter into the world!
img Afiqua
Whenever I knew that I'm pregnant with my second baby I was wondering will I undergo another c- section? Then I asked my seniors, they suggested me to meet Dr. Hanaa. There I was introduced to my doula, Krystal. Dr Hanaa was very supportive and understanding. My labour was so long as my cervix dilated slowly, but with the help and encouragement from my doula I managed to give birth naturally. My birth experience was really enjoyable as I used the gym ball and did exercises. I am very thankful to Krystal (she was such a kind doula and I am very pleased to have her), Dr. Hanaa (for giving me a chance of having a natural birth), my mom, and my husband for the support. It was a great experience having a natural birth after c section with all of you.