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Hanaa Kassem

Dr. Hanaa Kassem


She and her team teach childbirth education classes for expecting parents and walks with them on their journey to birth naturally,
with husband coaching, and in a birth center like environment.

In 2012, Dr. Hanaa performed the first official water birth in Egypt, and continues her work helping women to labor and birth in water. To date Dr. Hanaa has assisted women in more than 20 water births and countless unmedicated natural births in Egypt.

Dr. Hanaa is the Egypt representative of the Mother and Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and the country contact for Midwifery Today. She has attended 3 Midwifery Today annual conferences to strengthen her international communications with midwives and obstetricians promoting natural birth.

Her work and passion has allowed her to teach natural birth initiatives to midwives and obstetricians from different African and Mediterranean countries. She also teaches natural childbirth programs to medical Malaysian students in Egypt through her work at the Alexandria Regional Center for Women's Health and Development.

In 2013, Dr. Hanaa shared in ARC's annual conference promoting natural birth, the importance of childbirth education classes, and it also included the first presentation about water birth in Egypt with about 1000 Obstetricians attending the conference.

In 2014, she was the coordinator for the 1 st Natural Childbirth Conference in the Middle East which was held at the Bibliotheca Alexandria. This conference titled, "Natural Childbirth is a Women's Right", was a great step to help put Egypt on the track for more natural births.

In 2015, Dr. Hanaa coordinated Egypt's 2 nd Natural Childbirth Conference titled, "Inspiring and Empowering Midwifery Education in the Middle East, which gave attendees new perspectives on caring for women and opening the doors for midwifery care in Egpypt.

Currently, Dr. Hanaa works as the Training Department Director at the ARC and is responsible for Obstetricians and nurses in all aspects related to women's health with a special emphasis on safe motherhood programs. She also is the founder of Mums' Haven Gentle Birthing Clinic in Alexandria, Egypt, which will open November 2016!

Dr. Hanaa has dedicated her life to helping heal the way women welcome babies into the world and to help parents and providers understand the birth process in its natural form. Her goal is to reduce the rate of un-necessary caesarean deliveries in Egypt and beyond, and to see women enjoying their birth experience and breast feeding their babies.

Dr. Hanaa in The press