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Postnatal care schedule

Care Schedule

Our postnatal care program is designed so that each new mother feels she has support and resources that can help her with recovery after birth. We want mothers to thrive and to bond well with their babies after they have given birth. To do this, we focus on encouraging successful breastfeeding, providing good healthcare and advice that helps you heal, and referrals to local resources that can help you during the postnatal time.

Each appointment is a full 30 minutes with the doctor and student midwife to discuss your healing, look at any physical problems, talk about your emotional adjustment as a mother, and help you with breastfeeding. Postnatal visits include discussion of contraception options, monitoring vitals (BP and pulse), examination of any lacerations, cleaning of cesarean incisions, etc.

Postnatal care schedule:

  • A clinic visit during the first week after the birth for breastfeeding help and an herbal bath (optional).
  • Home visit from the doula and midwife during the first 2 weeks following the birth (upon request).
  • A clinic visit 1 week after the birth.
  • A clinic visit 6 weeks after the birth.