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Prenatal classes

Prenatal classes

Mums' Haven is pleased to have specially designed facilities for exercise that include exercise equipment (such as yoga mats, exercise balls etc). We are currently organizing prenatal and postpartum exercise classes that clients can choose to regularly participate in (such as zumba, yoga etc). These classes will help teach you how to move safely in pregnancy and how to stay healthy. Regular exercise during pregnancy helps to ensure that you have enough energy and strength to do well in labor.

Is exercise during pregnancy safe?

Yes! During a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy exercise is strongly recommended. Stretching and maintaining good posture keeps your body flexible and encourages your baby to be in a good position for birth. Maintaining regular physical activity throughout pregnancy will help to ensure that you have the stamina and endurance to move and work with your body as you labor to birth your baby.

Additional benefits to exercise may include:

  1. Reduction in backaches, constipation, bloating, and swelling
  2. Increased energy.
  3. Improved mood.
  4. Improved posture.
  5. Better sleep!

The best exercise routines in pregnancy:

  • Yoga and Stretching
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Squatting