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Trial Of Labor After Cesarean (TOLAC)

Trial Of Labor After Cesarean (TOLAC)

For healthy pregnant women with a history of one cesarean, it is a safe and reasonable option to choose a Trial Of Labor After Cesarean (TOLAC) instead of automatically having a repeat cesarean. This means you can go into labor naturally, and if all is healthy you can have a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC).

Cesarean births carry significant risks (including permanent injury and even death), and the more cesareans a woman has, the more the risk increases. In addition, the more cesarean sections a woman has had, the more chances there are for life-threatening placental complications (such as placenta acreta) in future pregnancies. For this reason, Mum's Haven supports offering women the chance to have a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC).

VBACs are not risk free, and do carry a very small risk of uterine rupture (which can be life threatening to the baby). Though VBACs are becoming increasingly common in other parts of the world, in Egypt they are still considered controversial. For this reason, we are very selective about who we offer TOLAC services to (this service is not available to everyone).

In order to be considered for a TOLAC with Mums' Haven you must:

  • Be healthy with an uncomplicated pregnancy (with only one baby)
  • Have a placenta that is not located over your cesarean scar
  • Have an ultrasound at the end of pregnancy showing your baby is healthy, and that your lower uterine thickness is good.
  • Have the ability to purchase blood (in your blood type) in advance to be held at the hospital in case it is needed (in case of emergency).
  • Read and sign our TOLAC informed consent form
  • Agree to have intermittent CTGs during labor
If you would like to be considered for a TOLAC, schedule a consultation visit at our office.

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