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Water Birth

Water Birth

What is water birth?

Water birth is giving birth while being immersed in water. The mother sits in water that comes up to her breast level. Water birth is done in a special type of pools with internal depth of 26" - water depth of 23". The pool includes a seat, and we use all the accessories needed including underwater baby heart rate monitoring, mirror, lights etc.

Why water birth?

Water birth speeds up labor, provides significant pain relief, promotes relaxation and gives you privacy and freedom of movement. The water environment creates harmony, peace, and enhances the normality of birth. A child born in such a gentle manner will feel comfort, security, love, and will be likely to have positive feelings about his or her parents and the world. He/she is more likely to grow up to be happy, self-confident and more prone to non-violent behavior.

For more information about water birth and its safety visit and/or attend the Mums' Haven Water birth class.